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Migraine headaches

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Migraine Headaches

Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches this is a special type of headache. Starting from any side of the head, it often causes pain in the whole head. This shatters normal blood flow to the brain.

The vein in the lining of the brain swells at the onset of a headache. Vomiting and nausea with headaches can cause hallucinations.

Not all headaches are migraines. Headaches can be caused by myopia, brain tumors, or other problems with the head. The headache begins from any part of the head. Later spread to the whole head. This pain may form behind the eyes. Sometimes over noise and light can increase the pain. It is a type of initial headache, which can be cured through regular treatment. The disease should be treated by a doctor and through regular checkups. Migraine headache is not for any eye problem.

Difference Between Migraine and Headaches

When does the headache start at work? Usually, when a person experiences recurrent headaches at different times of the day or in most cases, it becomes very painful for him/her. But when the headaches start suddenly, it is not clear whether it is a migraine or a general headache. In fact, at that time the patient became restless with headaches. 

Moreover, many people do not understand the difference between migraines and common headaches. But if the difference between migraine and general headache is identified in the right way, then it is also beneficial in the case of treatment. Disease can only be eradicated when it has the right treatment, and the real disease needs to be diagnosed before it can be treated properly. 


Migraine headaches are extremely painful and chronic. People with migraine problems may have severe headaches as well as nausea, body and mouth discomfort. This pain lasts for several days. So for those who have migraine headaches, it is better to avoid certain activities or habits that are responsible for the pain. It is possible to stay away from the problem of migraine. 

  • Excessive sun exposure can cause migraine headaches. Also the onset of migraine pain is due to excessive heat, excess moisture.


  • If your stomach is empty, migraine pain or problems may start. The reason is that if you are with an empty stomach, gastric problems occur which can aggravate migraine problems.


  • Migraines are more likely to occur in people who work out a lot of stress and can’t get enough sleep. So try to avoid stress. When you are under a lot of stress, have a cup of lemon tea. This will recline your brain a bit.


  • Excessive noise, listening to loud music, etc. can also cause migraine problems. There is a risk of migraine headaches for about two days due to loud noise.


  • Irregularities of just a day’s sleep can have a detrimental effect on the body. For example, those who sleep regularly for about 5 to 6 hours, if they sleep a little more a day in a hurry, then the pain of migraine starts.


Headache has become a common habit. A common cause of headache is lack of sleep, especially among young people. Although headaches and migraines are usually different, most people do not understand the difference. One major difference between the two is that headaches do not bother as much as migraine headaches. 

The common causes of headaches are:  

  • Staying up late, not eating at the right time and worrying too much


  • Family unrest and emotional distress.


  • Sinusitis. This condition causes pain when the mucus accumulates inside the nose.


  • Many people suffer from uncontrolled diabetes and high blood pressure. Many also have problems with dizziness and dizziness.


  • Any disease of the head; If there is pain like migraine, tumor, cyst. If a nerve is torn due to a severe head injury, it can lead to paralysis along with headache.

Migraine Headaches VA Disability


Migraine Headaches VA Disability


The VA sets the migraine headache rate under diagnostic code 8100 which allows you to get a disability rating of 0, 10, 30, or 50 percent. 

Diagnostic Code 8100

  • 50% Schedule Disability-Rating

Frequent bows and prolonged attacks produce serious economic unacceptability.

  • 30% Schedule Disability-Rating

Over the last several months with an average characteristic protruding attack once a month    

  • 10% Schedule Disability-Rating

Over the last few months with a characteristic prostrating attack on average 2 months

  • 0% Schedule Disability-Rating

With less frequent attacks

To demonstrate the frequency and severity of the migraine headaches, experienced are able to submit the following proof to the VA for consideration:    

  • Medical test reports, progress notes, or opinions
  • Provides appropriate and credible evidence on how often the claimant feels the symptoms
  • A migraine headache log or journal
  • Record showing the history of prescription refill veterans

Massage for Migraine Headaches

Who doesn’t like to take massages? People massage their head for relief when they have a headache. The massaging process is very much used in Ayurvedic treatment. In that case hot oil is applied on the body and massaged. You can get rid of migraine pain by heating sesame oil and massaging the scalp. In this way you will get relief from the unbearable pain of migraine. However, during migraine, massage takes no explanation. This time, massage one over the eyes, neck and forehead. The immensity of the pain will decrease. 

The easiest way to relieve migraine pain is to ask someone to give you a massage. You can also do yoga or exercises. Massaging the head and neck increases blood circulation so you can relax and get rid of migraine pain. You just have to follow some simple ways you can get rid of migraine pain without any medication. Meditation in the right way also reduces headaches. 

Tea for Migraine Headaches

Many people drink tea during headaches. Herbal tea is a much better solution in this case. Therefore, drink tea with ginger and lemon to reduce the amount of pain. To make ginger tea useful, add a little honey and a little lemon juice. As you know, the ginger has inflammatory and pain relieving properties that help us relieve migraine pain. You can also eat herbal tea. It lessens the chances of getting a headache. In addition, eating tea is beneficial for the sinuses. So you can start eating peppermint to reduce the tendency of headache.

Put two-teaspoons of fresh ginger in one and a half cups of water, boil it for 5 minutes, mix it with a little honey and eat it 3 times. This tea is obligatory for colds, headaches and migraines. 1-teaspoon mint leaves boil in 1 cup of water. Eat 4 to 5 times a day. Peppermint tea helps to reduce anxiety or gas headaches. Also boil a handful of basil leaves in water and eat it. This tea is particularly effective for migraine headaches. Avoid milk-tea and coffee to remedy headaches, eat the above herbal tea or concoction instead.

Homeopathic Remedies for Migraine Headaches

Homeopathic Remedies for Migraine Headaches

If you want to cure migraine pain in a natural way, it can be done through homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic remedies are very effective in relieving migraine pain. Here are some special remedies:


This homeopathic medicine is a good remedy for migraine. It is very useful for relieving headaches initially. Such headaches are exacerbated by the intense rays of the sun. When it gets cold or in the sweltering cold heat, such headaches increase.

Nux Vomica

This medicine is mainly used for headaches and also for gastric problems. This homeopathic medicine is used to cure migraine problems caused by piles and constipation. Gurupak quickly relieves headaches caused by food (extra oily foods) and alcohol.    


This homeopathic medicine cures the pain caused by migraine on the left side of the head. This is called migraine on the left side. In this case, there is pain on some parts of the left side, forehead and eyes. Wearing a tight band increases the pain even more.  

Sanguinaria Canadensis

This homeopathic medicine cures the pain caused by migraine on the right side of the head. In this migraine, the pain starts from the right side of the head and gradually spreads to the back of the head and right eye. This medicine is also used to cure migraines in the morning or during the day. This medicine is effective for migraine in women after menopause.   


The drug is used to treat migraine pain caused by abnormal blood clots in the brain. The patient feels that his head is growing in size and will rupture. One of the causes of migraine.

If you suffer from migraine headaches problems, see a homeopathic doctor. He will select the cause of your headache and give you the right medicine.

Final Words

Migraine headaches are hereditary in many cases. This problem can be passed on from one family member to another. However, there are some habits or causes that increase the problem of migraine. If you are aware of these causes, you can get some relief from migraine pain.

Care should be taken to change your daily habits to avoid migraines. You should wake up every day and exercise, walk in the evening, eat a balanced diet, and stay away from stress. 

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