Hair Loss: Common Causes , Symptoms and Best homeopathy Treatment

Hair Loss

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It’s normal that just as much hair will fall out every day. But if this ratio is not right then disaster happens. That is, when the amount of hair loss increases compared to hair growth, then the hair starts to become thinner. Almost everyone suffers from hair loss.

Again, the problem of dandruff is very common. Unclean hair, the use of unsightly hair cosmetics, etc. can cause hair loss and various problems on the scalp. According to experts, various problems of hair and scalp for a long time are not common at all. 

When a disease settles in the body, its symptoms are hair or scalp problems such as hair-loss, dandruff, skin rash, and itching. To avoid this, it is necessary to eradicate the disease from the beginning without using expensive hair cosmetics. It is important to know beforehand which diseases can be a symptom of this hair loss or scalp problem.

Can Dry Scalp Cause Hair Loss?


Can Dry Scalp Cause Hair Loss

A dry scalp can cause hair loss and it is necessary to know why the scalp is dry. Dandruff can make the scalp become dry and itchy a lot of the time. The scalp can also be dry for various reasons. Fungus and bacteria are one of the causes. Other reasons are climate change, ferritin, vitamin-D, and nutrient deficiencies, and the use of shampoo conditioners and chemical products that dry out the scalp.


Ways To Get Rid Of Dryness Of The Scalp:

If you have a problem with dry scalp, experts suggest that you try to improve your condition by providing adequate nutrition from the inside out before starting treatment.

  • Vitamin D-3 can reduce scalp dryness by up to 60 percent and the reasons that cause hair loss. This banishes dandruff, cirrhosis, and other scalp problems.


  • Foods such as lentils, oysters, white peas, dark chocolate, etc. help to fill the iron shortage in the body.


  • In addition to a proper diet, regular bathing, twice a week, and shampooing the scalp with pure coconut oil or castor oil is beneficial.


  • Water is needed for proper blood circulation. This is because it helps the nutrients to reach the scalp and keep the hair follicles healthy. Lack of adequate water makes the scalp dry. 


In winter, the weather may cause hair loss as your body does not sweat a lot and the body can’t get rid of its toxins easily so as not to sweat. This also exacerbates the problem of dry scalp. It is very good if you can walk for an hour every morning or afternoon 

Dandruff and Hair Loss


Dandruff and Hair Loss

The primary cause of dandruff is the scalp. Dead cells on the scalp’s surface are the main component of dandruff. Some have too many dead cells on the scalp, some less. Dead cells on the scalp are constantly being made. 

Too much accumulation of these dead cells can cause hair loss. Another reason for the increase in dandruff is mental anxiety. Depression or mental anxiety increases the dryness of the scalp. Dandruff on the scalp due to irregular care and negligence causes fungus. As a result, various diseases including grass appear on the skin. Eating disorders can also cause dandruff. Dandruff can be caused by a lack of vitamin B and zinc as well in the body.

How To Control Dandruff?

It is important to control dandruff at the beginning. You need to know why dandruff is happening. If dandruff increases, it will cause hair loss. The scalp will itch. If the hair is extra dirty or not washed regularly, dandruff will occur. People who go out regularly or walk in the dust are more likely to get dandruff. 

You should clean your hair regularly because skin and hair are very sensitive. You need to use good quality shampoo and conditioner to get rid of dandruff. If anyone in the family has dandruff on their head, they should refrain from using used towels or combs. Stay away from stress. Remember, once the dandruff is gone, the scalp is free of fungus. Generally, it will not cause hair loss and new hair will grow.


Weight Loss and Hair Loss

Weight Loss and Hair Loss

If you lose weight quickly, there are some more changes in the body. Levels of different hormones fluctuate. It also affects the skin and hair. This can increase the problem of hair loss. 

What Causes Hair-loss After Weight Loss?

Hair-loss at weight loss is usually due to a lack of nutrition. It may cause rapid and sudden weight loss. Diets that are followed during weight loss have been linked to telogen effluviums, which cause hair loss. This problem can happen after 3 months of rapid weight loss and can last up to 6 months. 


Experts have found a connection between crash dieting and hair-loss. Like your body, your hair needs enough calories and nutrients to grow well and stay healthy. Therefore, when your body does not get what it needs, hair falls out as a side effect. Hair loss is also a major issue for those who follow a crash diet. Also, weight loss surgery means rapid weight loss, which can lead to common deficiencies such as vitamins, proteins, and minerals, which can cause hair loss.

How to Stop Hair-loss While Losing Weight?


As mentioned above, quick weight loss can lead to severe nutritional deficiencies. So, you should follow a healthy and sustainable diet to lose weight. Not only that, but crash diets are also harmful to mental health and are associated with weight gain.

To avoid any nutritional deficiencies and hair loss choose a balanced diet instead of a fad diet. When undergoing weight loss surgery, be sure to maintain your doctor’s recommended levels of Vitamin B12, Iron, and Zinc. It will help prevent hair-loss problems after surgery.

Can Depression Cause Hair Loss?


If you suffer from excessive hair-loss then it may be due to stress. Stressful times such as illness, pregnancy, depression, etc. also cause hair loss. It is due to stress called ‘telogen effluvium. This problem also goes away with the reduction of stress. 

Stress puts pressure on every part of the body. So when stress builds up, most of the nutrients produced in the body are transmitted to the vital organs, and the hair gradually fades and becomes lifeless. Without it, the body begins to produce more and more of a hormone called cortisol to cope with the strong emotional state, resulting in less production of the essential hormone for hair growth. Naturally, the lack of this hormone can cause hair loss.

Tips To Get Released From Hair Fall?


  • Include lentils, chicken, fish, or any one of the eggs in the daily diet. Foods like cholera and that are also very nutritious.


  • After bathing, dry the hair well, then run the comb.


  • Heat gently with coconut or amla oil and rub it on the hair. It causes the good blood circulation in the hair follicles, the hair will get nutrition.


  • Soak a handful of fenugreek in water overnight. Apply it on the scalp and hair half an hour before bathing, then wash off with cold water.


  • Vitamin E is quite beneficial for hair. Vitamin E can stimulate hair follicles. Cut a capsule and apply it inside the liquid oil or hair pack. Your hair will rapidly become strong and shiny.

Homeopathy Treatment For Hair Loss


Homeopathy Treatment For Hair Loss

The use of homeopathic medicines can eliminate the reasons that cause hair loss from the root cause. This medical system has no side effects. Homeopathy is also an effective treatment for premature hair loss and endogenous alopecia. For individualized and appropriate medicine selection, the patient should consult a qualified homeopathic doctor. 


Sulfur: If you have hair-loss due to skin disease, you can take Sulfur 200 strength in the morning.

Arnica Mont: If the hair follicles are soft or if the hair grows when you hold it in your hand, you can take 1 drop of Arnica Mont 200 energy and eat it in the morning and afternoon for two days.

Amloki Q: Less appetite can cause hair loss. You can take 10 drops of Amloki Q twice a day in the morning and once a 4month.

Selenium: You can take Selenium 3x / 30 for a long time after suffering from hair loss due to excessive sensuality.

Calcium Phos: Calcium Phos 6x tablets can be taken twice a day with any homeopathic medicine to stop hair-loss.

Final Words

There are many reasons that cause hair loss. The majors are hereditary baldness, sudden hair fall, and hormonal hair-loss after childbirth. If you have baldness due to hereditary reasons, you don’t have to do much. However, if the hair falls out due to the other two reasons, it is possible to protect the hair if it is treated in time.

Hair loss is a disorder that is affecting more and more people. Waking up at night, being anxious, and living a depressing life can cause hair loss. You should try to solve any problem at the beginning. Knowing the cause of hair-loss in the beginning, you have to take care accordingly. The first condition to prevent hair loss is to take care of both inside and outside the body.

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